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 8 DISH MOROCCAN FUSION LUNCH  CLASS       EU 95 pp       8.50am - 2.30pm      1 to 6 foodies


8.50am Discussion over coffee as to what the lunch menu is to be

 The shopping list in English, then Arabic, to shop in your new language

 Choosing 8 dishes from :

Saffron, citrus chicken tajine

Butterflied sardines in chermoula over a marmalade bed

Blistered aubergines

Oven roasted pumpkin, onion and tomatoes in sesame seeds and spices

Caramelised orange, saffron and butter mash turnips

Carrot, saffron smash with diced tomato

Twice rolled couscous

Fennel, onions and orange zest with cashews


Tomato Salt

Cucumber sorbet

Zucchini slats in a semolina egg wash


artichokes, cauliflower, green beans, truffles

We ask that you resist the spice sellers prior to coming to the class, as the tourist offerings are inferior to those which you will cook with in the class

Spices from our spice trader, are available for purchase, after the class!

Looking forward to cooking and being fabulous around the prep table!

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