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Moroccan Cooking Class fo Kids           08.50am - 2.30pm               2 adults and 2 kids      EU 250

This wonderful, private class has been especially designed for kids already demonstrating an interest in all things food. Accompanied by a parent or parents and paced, so at the end of lunch both kids and parents will be fired with the celebratory flames, borne of planning, shopping and prepping..glorious.. and the want to stand before home stoves...doing it again and again... 

cooking class kids 1.jpg

The class begins with a discussion as to what is already, the childrens' favourite fare and what isn't or what they are yet to try and let's see about including all components in the lunch menu! We will write the shopping list in English and then Arabic and go into the market to begin at the beginning with the choosing of produce, maybe including something we hadn't thought of!

Then it's back for a morning of prepping with full participation of the kids.


A suggested menu


                  Saffron chicken tajine                            Twice rolled cous cous                M'smmn with egg                 Tempura zucchini 

                  Roasted pumpkin in sesame seeds     Krachlet                                         Saffron mashed potato        Briouats


Spices and their application, will be a feature of the dishes ..the children will experience the exact measurements required for pastries and the more abandoned style of a "good lift of parsley" in the savoury dishes... they will plate the dishes to reaffirm that we do begin with our eyes and know the thrill of serving ...glorious...                      

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