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8 DISH MEAT & SEAFOOD MASTERCLASS   &   WINE      EU 150 pp              8.50am - 3pm              2 to 6 gourmands
This wonderful class allows you to cook many of the longer to prep dishes
including pigeon b'stilla, lamb shank tajine, slow seared calamari, monk fish
tajine, osso bucco tanjia, chicken saffron, citrus, tajine.

8.50am the class begins with discussion over coffee as to the 3 vegetable,
sides to complement the day's meat and seafood, menu.

Then it's the shopping list in English followed by the Arabic, needed to
claim all, in the souk! 
All the spices used at the House of Fusion Marrakech, are provided by a
traditional Mallah spice trader, who we will visit after the class. Try and
resist the temptation to buy spices prior to the class, as the wait will be
well worth it, to buy from a trader..

  This unique Marrakech dish, is traditionally cooked over 6 hours in the
  local hammam, over coals. We will cook it, combining stove top and oven,
  so you can reproduce it, once home



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