A 10 DISH LUNCH & DINNER CLASS WITH WINES      EU 150 pp              8.50am - 9pm              2 to 6 foodies


This wonderful class allows you to cook many of the longer to prep dishes

including pigeon b'stilla, lamb shank tajine and the House of Fusion 

signature dish, beetroot and orange soup.


8.50am the class begins with discussion over coffee as to the day's menu.

Then it's the shopping list in English followed by the Arabic needed to

claim all, in the souk! 


All the spices used at the House of Fusion Marrakech, are provided by a

traditional Mallah spice trader, who deals in sale by the sack. He stores my

sacks for me, releasing a kilo at a time! These spices are for sale in the riad,

following the class, in amounts beginning at 100 gms and come with your

special sticker to apply to your jars, once home.


Suggestions for your 10 dishes


  LUNCH                                           DINNER


 *Caramelised onion baby         *Tanjia

     crepes with Tomato jam        *Pigeon b'stilla

 *Butterflied sardines                 * Lamb shank tajine

 *Blistered aubergines                *Beetroot and orange soup

 *Lemon chicken tajine              *Floured, spiced, butter roasted vegetables

 *Savoury m'smmn                      *Beetroot parcels

 *Cucumber sorbet                      *Saffron potatoes in a blistered pepper

 *Carrot jam                                   *Wakha cups with saffron custard and a

 *Moroccan salad                                         toffee tendril

 *Honey salted aubergines        * Slow, butter seared calamari and orange

 *Tempura zucchini                                            

                                       *Selection of salts to takes home...                                       



  This traditional Marrakech dish, is traditionally cooked over 6 hours in the

  local hammam coals, please let us know at the time of booking, your 

  preference for either beef or lamb, so it can be waiting for prepping,

  This dish can be cooked, wonderfully, stove top at home!