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          for 1 to 6     EU90 pp

A class dedicated to bringing the most fabulous of Moroccan flavours into vegan cooking and changing forever how you will stand before your stoves and to your friends delight..give dinner parties..

8.50 the class begins with a discussion over coffee as to the lunch menu

The shopping list in Arabic and then to the market shopping in your new language

Once back at the prep table, the class begins with tea making while you are busy chopping parsley and coriander..

Lunch around 1.30pm 

Choosing 8 wonderful dishes from the list below :

Toffee begun tomato jam

Twice rolled couscous

Cabbage rolled pumpkin tajine on a bed of caramelised onions and fennel

Blistered aubergines in chermoula

Cucumber ice

Salted aubergine slices in cumin, sizzling oil with a pan deglaze of orange jus

Pumpkin & tomato, semolina rolled. spiced and roasted in sunflower oil

Caramelised peppers & cashews

Selection of salts - smoked tomato, lemon, rosewater & mint

Carrot jam with a licorice and orange jus deglaze

Almond and apple wakha pastry wraps

Roasted beetroot parcels

Smashed pea, onion and cashew mash

Chick pea, parsley, zucchini & garlic wakha wraps

Spinach cooked with spices, grated tomato, lemon & parsley

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