TASTES OF JEWISH MOROCCO                         EU 85pp        9am - 2pm

                                                             The Mimouna                                                1 - 6 guests

This class is taught all year, so you can prepare the Mimouna when it comes around..SO much more than just a sandwich! Living as I do in the Jewish Quarter of the old medina, I have for a while, wanted to introduce a Jewish Moroccan class in celebration of the harmonious once upon a time, as much as I want to celebrate my special friendship with Jewish girlfriends, from my once upon a time, in Melbourne. We will shop for and prepare a wondrous feast with sweet abandon, to give the coming year after the Passover and after the class, a jolly good start to being one of sweetness, prosperity and plenty

This wonderful Jewish Moroccan celebration comes at the end of Passover when leavened foods once again grace the table! Muslim neighbours will return flour and couscous stored in their homes during this period and bring gifts of  milk, honey and extra couscous and flour.

9am  Beginning over morning coffee we will talk about the dishes, sweets and pastries we are about to prepare, once home from the nearby market with our baskets groaning with dates, butter, honey and almonds in amongst the eggs, fish and raisins...

   MUFLETA                                  fine pancake stack which we will then separate and fill with dates, almonds and chocolate

                                                       with  a generous drizzle of honey and  melted butter

   ZABANE                                    egg whites, sugar and almonds

   MROUZIYA                               raisin or currant preserve, served in little dishes with a dear little spoon

   COUSCOUS                               with almonds, cinnamon, icing sugar and butter

   TAJINE OF SAFFRON FISH     representing  the meaning of freedom, that came from the arrival at the Red Sea

   SHAKSHUKA                             with Moroccan spices and a tomato jam beginning

   WAKHA                                      3 custard filling : saffron, almond and orange blossom

                                                       savoury : tomato Jam : caramelised peppers : honey salted aubergines : carrot jam