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                                                                                               Sunday arrivals                              


                                                         A *fully inclusive holiday for 2 to 6 guests even a load of laundry! 

                                                                                   (*apart from beverages at dinner in the basket souk)


                                                                                      EU 2775pp 2 guests sharing

                                                                                      EU 2995 pp, for a room just for you...

Airport transfers

Welcome feast with champagne and wine

6 nights at the House of Fusion Marrakech

4 night road trip

   2 nights in an oasis

   2 nights in a kasbah

Feasting Day Cooking Class a lunch & dinner class of  10 dishes

Cooking in a Berber Village Kitchen

* Dinner in the basket souk

Shopping Extravaganza to Hidden Places Holding Hearts' Desires, lunch and the Dar Si Said museum

Gourmet Picnic Day along the Tizn Test to the 12C Tinmal mosque

* beverages extra


Arrival Day  Sunday

The welcome feast with champagne and Moroccan wine


Day 2  Monday

Gourmet Picnic Day along the Tizn Test, morning tea in hidden fields, strolling the 12C Tinmal mosque, picnicking riverside and taking tea with an olive farming family, in a tiny hidden hamlet, across a wobbly bridge/

Tapas dinner in the riad, with a walk to Djmna F'na after, for ginseng tea from the copper urns and a little plate of sellou.


Day 3  Tuesday

The Feasting Day Class of 10 dishes a lunch and dinner class. Wine served with dinner, with a martini beginning!

The class begins over breakfast coffee where we decide what the day's menu will be. Then it's the shopping list in English followed by Arabic before going forth into the souk, shopping in your new language. The day is one of prepping, eating, swooning.


Day 4  Wednesday - valley village market day..

Cooking in a Berber Village Kitchen

8am depart the riad for the ninety minute drive to a remote High Atlas village, passing donkeys and farmers on their way to market, where you will choose produce to prepare for lunch.  Today might be a good time to choose  goat for the lunch tajine. Couscous, bread and the tempting or unknown, you claimed in the market will also be in your basket. Drive up the mountain with your shopping, to a house beyond the sky, to cook with the ladies, awaiting you with morning tea and the kitchen fires, set and a baby to lullaby.  After lunch there will be time to walk the fields and always there is something to be addition to the olive mill, new hives for the bees collecting the carob pollen, a crop being harvested..

After this divine day, dinner and wine, awaits in the riad.


Day 5  Thursday

Shopping Extravaganza to Hidden Places Holding Hearts' Desires beginning with a visit to the Dar Si Said nearby, while the souk  

awakens. We will stop for lunch  around 2pm.

3.30pm hammam and massage

7pm champagne in the riad, then a 10 minute walk to dinner (beverages at dinner extra) in the basket souk.

Day 6

Off to the kasbah over the Tizn Tichka Pass stopping for morning tea mountain top before continuing on to the kasbah for lunch. This afternoon is a wonderful walk through abandoned kasbahs, through fields of fruit and nut trees, a scene seemingly unchanged, over hundreds of years. 

Tonight it's dinner and wine in the kasbah.


Day 7

Today we drive up mountains beyond the sky, past remote earth built villages and walk through a gorge that will surely leave you spell bound. It's certainly a day for shoes you are happy to walk through water in, as we roam the gorge with its sun baked, rock walls soaring way up for ever. We will picnic lunch under trees, a million miles from everywhere and take things for the children we pass along the way. Tonight it's dinner and wine in the kasbah.


Day 8

This morning on the way to stay in the oasis a few hours away, we will stop at a weekly Sunday market, picking up some dates for the journey and maybe a treasure or nine to take home. Lunch is waiting at the auberge, terrace top and an afternoon walk through the date palms beside the riverbed. Dinner and wine at the auberge under a trillion stars.


Day 9

We will go to another oasis a few kms drive away where we will walk the village and its kasbah where once there was Brad. Do watch the movie "Babel" before you come! This remote and wonderful hamlet is a special place for finding a little carpet. Here you can buy a gem, directly from the ladies who weave. The afternoon we will be back at the auberge enjoying a walk across the river at sundown. Dinner and wine at the auberge.


Day 10

We leave for the journey back to Marrakech, stopping along the way for a BBQ lunch, at a popular spot for the locals crossing the Pass, where butchers sell then BBQ, your choice, all enjoyed in a garden.

Farewell dinner awaits in the riad.


Day 11

Transfer to the airport ...



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