A 6 PASTRY LUNCH CLASS                EU 85pp                                  8.50am - 2.30pm                                  1 to 6 foodies

This class is designed for foodies, already with a penchant for pastries


8.50 Discussion over morning coffee what pastries are to be chosen

Then, it's the shopping list in English and then in Arabic, going forth to the grain merchant's store, deep inside the souk, to buy your grains and other pastry needs, shopping in your new language.


Lunch will be what you have prepared, accompanied by salad.


Suggested pastries to choose your selection of six, from :


m'smmn            savoury   filled with dry panned kefta and spices

m'smmn                 ''           filled with unbroken egg and spices, poured                                                    into the m'smmn whilst cooking

m'smmn            sweet       filled with ground almonds, date paste and                                                    spices


batbout                                a round, stove top, pan cooked, little loaf

                                               divine with tomato and salt and pepper


fakkas                                   a twice baked, dried fruit and nut biscote

wakha wraps   sweet       Moroccan pastry wrapped around ground

                                                         nuts and spices

wakha wraps  savoury    tomato jam & honey, salted, aubergine                 

sellou                                    a roasted flour delight of sesame seeds,      

                                                spices, nuts & honey

ghribas                                 soft biscuits of both coconut and walnut

krachal                                 divine puffs, not quite cake and not quite                                                      bun, with fennel seeds and vanilla

gazelle horns                     lovely crescents of the softest pastry, filled

                                               with buttery, ground almonds

toffee tendrils                   finished with a date





rosewater meringues
rosewater meringues

filled with dates, mandarines and walnuts

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wonderful soft little buns with tiny fennel seeds and a coffee egg wash

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little breads with olive paste

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