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                                We have two gorgeous,  High Atlas, river side, Gourmet Picnic Days

                                                                         Far off the Tourist Trail

One is up and over the Tizn Test Pass, taking in the C12 Tinmal mosque and having tea with an olive farming family,. If you choose to go on a Wednesday, there is also a market.... This is a longer day 8am until around 6pm

One is off the Tizn Tichka Pass taking in hidden salt pans, sipping magic water and taking tea at a tea house. This day begins at 9.30am and we are back in Marrakech around 3.30pm 


2 - 6 picnickers  EU 175 pp          Solo picnicker  EU225  


8.30am depart Marrakech for the Tizn Test Pass, stopping in hidden fields for a picnic morning tea, an hour into our journey. Next it's on to the 12C Tinmal mosque, pre dating Mecca and so it is in the ancient siting of  facing, Jerusalem. After strolling the mosque, it's a short drive to the river and our picnic spot! After lunch it's back in the car for the turnoff to a Caid's palace, where we leave the car to walk beside the river and over a wobbly bridge, into a hidden tiny village where we will take tea with a farming family as guests in their home...

If you choose to picnic on Wednesday, we will also go to the local traders' market, where you can pick up some tajine cookware and some divine local olive oil, decanted right before your eyes!





  2 to 6 picnickers    EU150pp         Solo picnicker  EU195


9.30am depart Marrakech, with our containers to collect salt and a picnic morning tea to have beside the pans! Then it's on through more glorious scenery until we reach the end of the road beside the river, where we will stroll across to our spot beneath the trees, set up our picnic, pour the wine and settle in for a terrific lunch!

After, we will drive a short distance up the hill where we will leave the car and walk across the wobbliest bridge into a tiny village, to take tea and perhaps have some amalou or honey decanted and choose tea herbs to have bagged to take we will also sip magic water straight from the mountain..we can walk along a little path close to where we picnicked where the car will be waiting to lullaby us home...         

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