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Wishing you a fabulous and memorable class!

Wishes for a great dinner party

8 DISH EDGY FUSION DINNER PARTY, COCKYTAILS and WINES        2 to 6 guests  14.00 - home to bed!                                                               ,        EU175pp

If your travelling companion/s would love to come for the dinner party EU 75pp

Coffee poured, notebooks and pens on the table, let's menu plan, writing the shopping list in Arabic before walking to the market, choosing produce to preppitty prep into tonight's ,wondrous 8 dish, dinner party. After the class and before dinner, when you are masters of the spices, we will go to the spice trader's, to buy for the recreation of glorious, once home. Recipes are emailed at the end of the class.

This is a terrific celebratory class of friendship over a gloryarse dinner, compeimented by glasses of nectar of the gods, beginning with an epic mojito.

If you are traveling with friends who would love to come for a dinner to knock their socks off but aren't so keen to cook, do invite them to come around 19.30 to kick the night off with a mojito with you, either by the fire or terrace top, depending on the weather. Dinner and drinks EU75pp


Blistered aubergines in chermoula

Stuffed lamb shank tajine

Artichokes (in season) with our house dipping sauce for the leaves

Butterflied sardines on a marmalade bed

Iced cucumber in a chermoula

Soft cooked calamari in an orange jus

Caramelised onion custard crepes with a tomato jam finish

Pigeon B'stilla

Saffron, orange and butter mashed white turnips

Carrots and tomatoes, rolled and roasted in the finest semolina, spices and sesame seeds

Powdered black chocolate meringues with a berry jus on chocolate and date chantilly

All  recipes are those of Chef Edwina

We will send you an online payment form, once your dates are confirmed and any questions or requests you have sent us, have all been answered with the very answer you wanted!

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