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The Tasting Room
Degustation Dining and Wine Pairing
and then there is
A Gourmet Vegan Degustation


Slow seared lab with caramelised onion, aubergine roulade
Glorious spiced, white bean soup with a sweet red pepper float

Let us cook you sublime, edgy, Moroccan fusion...

A palate dancing dinner of  5 courses and...

Wines a match, made for culinary heaven

EU90 /MAD975 pp

Let us cook you divine, modern, Moroccan vegan...

A degustation of 5 sublime courses...

Edgy and fresh...


 Seasonal Menu
April   May    June    July   August

Let's begin with an epic cocktail and a blistered aubergine to swirl through a chermoula

A flute of chilled and very bubbly champagne to accompany the next two dishes

A salad dressed by a marmalade based, butterflied sardine

Cucumber sorbet with ginger toffee

A jolly good red as a mellow companion to..

Stuffed, braised and reduced lamb shank

Saffron and orange cooked turnip, finished with a butter, roasted garlic & caramelised onion mashing

Smashed and butter roaster baby potatoes

Beetroots, braised for hours in an orange infused jus

A champagne finish to join the

Rosewater meringues lolling on iced chocolate genache with a roasted almond skirt and a fruit splash


Courtyard dining at the House of Fusion Marrakech

 Gourmet Vegan
April   May   June   July   August 


Begin the evening with a mocktail in partnership with a blistered aubergine in a divine chermoula

Flat or fizzy water accompanies the remainder of the degustation

Salad dressed in argan oil with sweet potato shavings

White bean soup with a roasted peanut dressing

Cucumber sorbet with ginger toffee

The Plate

Beetroots, braised for hours in an orange jus, then roasted

Roasted pumpkin with caramelised apple in semolina

Blistered peppers with cashews

Roasted garlic, mashed potatoes

Cauliflower florets cooked in lemon juice dressed with tomato jam


A wakha frou frou of roasted nuts and dried fruits dusted with black chocolate powder and smashed spiced, apple 

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