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epic culinary workshops

edgy fusion & traditional over coals

The being and doing of fabulous

Private classes for one to six gourmands

Prepping the citrus, saffron chicken tajine

 Classes at the House of Fusion Marrakech, all commence at 08.50am, allowing us to have the choice of the freshest, market produce and allowing, for the fully participatory prep.

Whilst chopping, juicing, grating and slicing you will learn the chemistry of the spices and the nuances of the Moroccan, kitchen.

Kids classes are a speciality, for what could be more thrilling than to be aproned up, tasting spoon in the pocket, commanding the prep and to plate up for the pass, an epic feast..

All recipes are those of Chef Edwina and the Dada, Hasna and will be emailed at the end of the class.


Departing Marrakech at 7.30am - Traditional, over coals class, in a remote High Atlas courtyard kitchen, with the ladies of an olive farming family, with produce you just bought at the weekly traders' market, accross the river.

Residential classes, cooking it all, being and doing fabulous, in






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