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The tanjia, sealed with paper and string ready for the hammam coals

The tanjia at the hammam

B'STILLA,  TANJIA,  TAJINE         1 - 4 guests               
08.50 - 17.00            Dinner  and wines 19.30 
EU250 pp
If you would love non cooking traveling companions to join you for dinner and wines

Coffee poured, notebooks and pens on the table, let's menu plan, writing the shopping list in Arabic before walking to the market, choosing produce to preppitty prep into a wondrous, 9 dish, lunch and dinner feast. Mid afternoon when you are masters of the spices, we will go to the spice trader's, to buy for the recreation of glorious, once home. Recipes are emailed at the end of the class.


Pigeon b'stilla

Slow pan cooked calamari

Monkfish tajine

Caramelised onion and shrimp, custard crepes with  a tomato jam finish

Blistered aubergines

Butterflied sardines on a marmalade bed

Lamb shank tajine

Osso bucco tanjia - at the hammam coals

Saffron, citrus chicken tajine with a roasted garlic glaze

Beetroot parcels with a Brie star finish

White butter mashed turnips cooked in orange juice and saffron with a seasonal berry finish

Tomato and citrus salt making

Lamb neck tanjia - cooked stove top and oven, at the riad

Let's talk seasonal vegetables to include, once here..

All  recipes are those of Chef Edwina and the Dada, Hasna

We will send you an online payment form, once your dates are confirmed and any questions or requests you have sent us, have all been answered with the very answer you wanted!

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