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16 very wickedly fabulous days and 15 nights, off the tourist trail, at a pace that welcomes detours and U turns and to sit a little longer...
This holiday is just for you and who you would love to come too.

From 2 to 6 guests
We offer 3 double rooms and 1 twin/king   
Arrive in time for the Welcome Feast, on the day of your choosing. 

Airport transfers
8 nights Marrakech
2 nights an oasis
2 nights in a kasbah

2 nights in the desert
1 night Essaouira
Traditional over coal High Atlas class cooking in a remote olive grove
Traditional over coals Sahara class, beyond the end of the road
8 Dish Moroccan Fusion Lunch Class at the House of Fusion Marrakech
10 Dish Meat, Seafood, Vegetable Master Class at the House of Fusion Marrakech

Shopping Extravaganza to Hidden Places Holding Hearts' Desires including a wonderful lunch
Spice trader after the 8 Dish Fusion Lunch Class
Essaouira is a terrific spot for leather jackets and art and all things, wooden

 - all included
2 seafood lunches Essaouira

2 picnic lunches on the 6 night road trip
1 lunch in the kasbah on the - night road trip

Lunch and an epic cocktail on shopping day
Lunch with a family in an oasis..the ladies make gorgeous carpets here, in this very, very remote spot
2 BBQ roadside spots on the road trip

4 cooking class lunches
1 lunch terrace top at Avenue M (a couple of terrific shops nearby)
DINNERS - all included apart from a few evenings, when booze, in restaurants, is extra
Welcome Feast + Wine Pairing and cocktails
6 night road trip - wine included
1 dinner Essaouira - booze extra
Rooftop nearby - booze extra
Exotica indeed, 10 minutes walk away - booze extra
3 x Tapas dinner in the riad - booze included
Dinner Class - booze included


This terrific escapade, takes you into astonishing at every turn..the sights and pulse of Marrakech, where divine food and times, are always at your finger tips and just when you think there couldn't be more amazing, there is! The six night road trip begins with a picnic morning tea beside saltpans where you will scoop, to take home, up and over a mountain road where we continue to be pretty much the only car on the road, we will have laps full of lollies and pens, to give to the kids we pass as we look for a spot to stop for picnic lunch..the drive into the oasis is beyond breathtaking and our accommodation luxurious in its setting rather than its rooms, all of which however, are en suite..we will dine terrace top and swill wine..a day in the "Babel Village"( DO watch the movie before you come) follows, we will stroll an ancient ksour complete with its hidden mosque, give Omo to the ladies in the open laundry and lollies to the kids and some provisions to the school, then its lunch with a family and if we're lucky some of the village ladies will bring their carpets, fresh from their day it's off to the desert through more spectacular scenery, a BBQ lunch and dinner and wine in the desert in a gorgeous auberge upon the morning we drive to the end of the road with Algeria just over the mountains, to cook with a desert family, the food of this region..late afternoon it's on to your camel for a sunset ride to your luxurious en-suite camp and dinner with day, to the kasbah for lunch and a stroll riverside before dinner and morning it's into the gorge with our picnic, driving up and over mountains higher than the sky , to walk a hidden gorge we will have all to ourselves, it is here that I found Rosie as a tiny puppy, all alone in May '23..after this terrific day it's dinner and wine at the morning it's back to Marrakech with a BBQ lunch along the way..the last day in Marrakech is one last dive into the souks, lunch at a terrace top beauty at Avenue M then to the gloryarse Anima Gardens, the brainchild of Andre Heller, and farewell dinner dinner in Gueliz dining day farewells and off to the airport...

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