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wicked gourmet escapades

journey far and away off the tourist trail to astonishing

fully inclusive, private, culinary escapades for two to six guests

Cooking in a High Atlas kitchen, 2 hours from Marrakech

"What can we bring when we come to cook?" I asked. "A broom, that everyone will know is mine" There is broom pilfering, big time, in the hamlet, since the earthquake, bringing dust  with every breath..but few brooms!

To escapade with the House of Fusion is to know off the tourist trail, to travel by-roads whenever we see one, to cook edgy fusion food in our classes in the riad, to cook the regional food of the Sahara close to Algeria and the High Atlas food in a tiny olive farming hamlet at the epicentre of the '23 earthquake, to dine in favourite spots in Essaouira, Marrakech, Rabat, Chefchaouen, Fes and the roadside along the way. To shop for hearts' desires in tucked away places, to buy spices from a trader, to have a hammam and massage in a million year old building, to stroll ksours (ancient walled cities) hiding their long ago mosque in the remotest of places,  to sleep in sumptuousness at the House of Fusion Marrakech, in amazing, bang on the ramparts in Essaouira, with the sea lapping and crashing, in a luxurious en suite tent in the Sahara and an auberge upon the sands and dining beside the pool, in a kasbah cascading down a rocky hill, in splendour in Rabat, in, charming in Chefchaouen, in wonderful in Tangier, in opulent in Fes and where the luxury is where you are, in an oasis.

Holiday with us from 3 to 21 nights, we offer lots of suggestions but as all our holidays are private do let us know if you would love to add or change anything..however many days and nights you come to stay, we promise you the very time of your life x




A special thank you to each and everyone who so generously donated to Fadma and her family, in the village where so many of you have been to cook. 10% off each and every holiday for you and whoever you would love to bring with you, plus a complimentary Cocktail Class & Tapas Pairing xxx

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