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Bread just cooked, wrapped around the earth oven walls
2 to 6 guests 

Over the hills and far away, to a tiny olive farming hamlet that we came to know and love, more than 15 years ago when curiosity big time, took over when picknicking with guests in an old palace and looking in the distance to see a minaret, peeping from amongst the trees and whispers of smoke floating upwards, nearby..the temptation to walk closer was well and truly given in to, not knowing at that stage that it would mean wading across a snow fed river because the wobbly bridge we spotted mid way across had until, then, been hidden from view..the wade was rewarded, times a miion when we were all of a sudden invited to a wake which began something so astonishing, returning to cook with the ladies in their courtyard kitchen, to dance at weddings and to celebrate new babies and now we bring help... all this was at the epicentre of the September '23 earthquake and there is not a house left standing nor an animal, grazing...we cook as the ladies still cook, bread ovens were quickly built and so we begin the class...kneading the bread, setting the fires, prepping the tajine, blistering the peppers surrounded by people full of hopefullnes, swishing tent flaps open instead of a creaky door, older than time..we promise you unforgettable and a divine lunch..there may even be be some cheese making..

High Atlas cooking class in the sun outside the tents, now home, after the September '23 earthquake

The camp, the class, the chair

tajines on their braziers, one lamb, one chicken and one caramelised onions and raisins

The tajines, the tomatoes the twigs

iron pan flat bread over the fire

The stove top, the skillet, the smoke

The devastation of the earthquake taking every home and more..

A minute one September night..

a once was home before the quake

I will always remember you ..this way x

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