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Beetroot and orange soup, the simmer

The beet..beat..beet of my heart

MASTER CLASS    4 NIGHTS/5 DAYS                      EU1250pp

This holiday is yours and yours alone..
Solo guests will stay in a double room/single occupancy. There is no surchage for solo guests..

arrive in time for the welcome feast, on the day of your choosing
The same glory arse dive into gourmet heaven as our 3 night programme, of two lunch and dinner Master Classes, with the wonderful addition of cooking in the remotest village in the High Atlas, now a village of tents, after being at the epicentre of the September 2023 will make bread to cook on the walls of an earth built oven around coals you will have begun shortly after will make a tajine of the region and blister peppers for salad and dine the last night, in a favourite spot outside the medina (included of course in the price)
We will be at the airport to greet you and to wave you bye bye..For the times in between, you will cook edgy, Moroccan fusion dishes, sleep in sumptuousness, swill Morocco's finest and breakfast on dishes worth waking up for..we will menu plan and shop, in Arabic, at the local market, moments will have a hamman and massage and the blokes, a barber shop shave, while the ladies drink champagne in the riad..
Hopefully there will be time on your last day before heading to the airport, to go into the souks with me for a little or a lot, of shopping, in some tucked away favourites..

Tanjia of beef 
         hammam cooked
Tanjia of lamb
         kitchen cooked
Pigeon b'stilla
Slowcooked calamari in an orange jus
Lamb shank tajine
Saffron, citrus chicken tajine
Caramelised custard crepes
Tomate jam briouat
Charred pepper briouat
Fennel briouat
Blistered aubergines
Monkfish tajine
Roasted garlic flatbread
Sweet and savoury m'smmns
Roasted beets
Beetroot and orange soup
   etc   etc   etc

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