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Juicing the orange into the tajine cookware, for the citrus, saffron chicken tajine

Juicing the orange

KIDS' 6 DISH MOROCCAN FUSION COOKING CLASS -  08.50 - 14.30            A cooking class for kids and their parents
1 - 4 kids + 2 adults   

Coffee and iced chocolates poured, notebooks and pens on the table, let's menu plan!  Write the shopping list in Arabic before walking to the market, choosing produce to preppitty prep into a wondrous, 6 dish, lunchtime feast, the kids will be talking about and reproducing for years! This wonderful class is designed especially for kids with a passion for cooking, to expand their interest and to push boundaries, beginning with shopping in a brand new language, carefully choosing produce and donning their apron, standing at the prep, ready to go! After lunch and when you are all masters of the spices, we will go to the spice trader's, to buy for the recreation of glorious, once home. Recipes are emailed at the end of the class.


Saffron, citrus chicken tajine

This dish is a great introduction to the chemistry of spices, of rolling up sleeves, juicing, mixing, stuffing 

Potatoes cooked in orange juice, saffron,  garlic and butter mashed

We will oven roast the garlic, with the joy of squeezing the flesh once done

Carrots and tomatoes, rolled together in sesame seeds, fine semolina and spices and dropped into a sizzling oven pan

This dish can be substituted for pumpkin. It's a great lesson in timing..

Semolina crumbed zucchini

Very tactile in the making and the eating


A two step dish of creating the tomato jam in a saucepan and transfer to a tajine base before adding eggs



      Strawberry jam, powdered black chocolate, coconut and ground almonds

Tomato salt making, to take home


All  recipes are those of Chef Edwina and the Dada, Hasna

We will send you an online payment form, once your dates are confirmed and any questions or requests you have sent us, have all been answered with the very answer you wanted!

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