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purveyors of epic fooding & wicked times
sumptuous stays or come for the day

epic culinary workshops
  *  Marrakech cooking classes
         edgy, M
oroccan fusion     
*   High Atlas and The Sahara
traditional over coals

Beet and orange soup with little brie stars

  wicked gourmet holidays
        far off the tourist trail

 divine degustation dinners
a palate ballroom

All About the Food
PRIVATE CULINARY WORKSHOPS   for 1 to 6 gourmands     Beginning at the beginning, making the class your very own, with menu planning, writing the shopping list in Arabic, choosing produce in your new language and prepping every single dish. We promise to change forever, how you stand before your stoves. Modern, edgy Moroccan dishes taught in the riad and traditional over coals classes, in a High Atlas, courtyard kitchen, setting the kitchen fires and prepping a lunch, unchanged by time, with an olive farming family. This day is now held in the hamlet camp, following the earthquake. It is all the more special, as the classes give hope for the future and celebrate the resiliance of astonishing families...

PRIVATE CULINARY ESCAPADES    from 3 to 18 days    for 2 to 6 guests, booking together
Way ,way off the tourist trail, to be and do astonishing, for what otherwise,would be the point.
 We promise roads hardly travelled, remote villages with wonderful welcomes into earth built homes, to stay a while over lunch, to cook medfouna, with a desert family, beyond the end of the road, Algeria over the dunes. To roam a gorge you will have to yourselves, as we unpack the picnic and uncork the wine. To dine poolside in the desert, to stay where the luxury is in the setting and the joy, in being a million miles from everywhere and always, all about the food.

DEGUSTATION DINING  palate dancing tasting plates of the freshest, seasonal produce found in the morning's market. Five courses to be enjoyed with an epic cocktail to begin and wines to follow. Do book at least 24 hours in advance to enable each dish to develop, until sublime. 
We also offer,   MOROCCAN GOURMET VEGAN DEGUSTATION,    for diners preferring to eat things without a face. 

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